Finland final at Eurovision 2010

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Finland final at Eurovision 2010

At the finish final for Eurovision 2010 10 songs will take place the appearence on stage is known

The running order for Finland final at Eurovision 2010 known as 'Euroviisut 2010', scheduled to next Saturday, has been announced by YLE, as follows:

1. Maria Lund - Sydän ymmärtää
2. Antti Kleemola - Sun puolella
3. Linn - Fatal moment
4. Pentti Hietanen - Il mondo è quì
5. Heli Kajo - Annankadun kulmassa
6. Nina Lassander - Cider hill
7. Amadeus - Anastacia
8. Sister Twister - Love at the first sight
9. Eläkeläiset - Hulluna humpasta
10. Kuunkuiskaajat - Työlki ellää

The Finland final at Eurovision 2010 national final is scheduled to January 30, live from Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, starting 19:00 CET (20.00 local time), broadcasted by YLE 2 and YLE international channel TV, but delayed at 22.15 CET. The final will be preceded by a 20 minute special remembering memorable moments from past Eurovision Song Contest

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