Bosnia & Herzegovina Eurovision 2010 selection

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Bosnia & Herzegovina Eurovision 2010 selection

Bosnia & Herzegovina representative for ESC 2010 is Vukašin Brajić ready to travel to Norway.

Vukašin Brajić will represent Bosnia & Herzegovina in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with his song 'Munja i Grom' ('Lightning and Thunder').

Vukašin Brajić born February 9, 1984 in Sanski Most, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia) is a Bosnian pop-rock singer who rose to fame after participating in the first season of the music show Fame Academy (Operacija Trijumf) 2008/2009, The show in which Vukasin finished second, was broadcast by six national television networks in five Balkan countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Vukašin’s interest in music started early in life, in the third grade, when he asked his parents to let him enroll in a music school, which was not possible in the time of war. In 1994, due the war, his family moved from Bosna and Hercegovina to Serbia, to Mali Požarevac in Sopot, where they spent one year before moving to Čačak, where the family Brajić lives today.

Vukašin finished both elementary and high school in Čačak. His music beginnings are connected to Čačak, too. Even though his parents could not afford his musical education, Vukašin studied by himself, learning from the books and Internet.That is how he acquired his keyboards and guitar skills. He got his first guitar from his uncle before he turned fifteen and then he said to his family: "Someday, this guitar will feed all of you". He also sang in the choir, danced in the dance studio "Luna" and was a member of a drama club. That is how he gained experience in public performances and contests. When he was nineteen years old, he moved from Čačak to Negotin where he enrolled the Teacher Education Academy which provided him what he liked – scene movement, music and singing. Vukašin enjoyed working with kids and he has been saying that the pupils are his audience while the classroom is his scene. At this day, he only has to finish final paper to earn his degree, which he postponed because of the developments of his music career. While in Negotin, he lived with a friend who taught him a lot and helped him perfect his guitar skills.

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